Three Phase WC (SPRINT)

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008
  • Applications:
  • Direct-connected industrial and commercial billing
  • Single-phase, two-phase or three-phase LV circuits
  • Energy accounting


Sprint is a Three-Phase whole-current meter which features sophisticated intelligent revenue-protection software and hardware for installations where theft and fraud are a concern. Able to detect and log tamper events such as current reversal, current open- and short-circuit; Sprint combines an extremely robust design with the flexibility of CALMU technology.


• Provides evidence of current and voltage circuit tampers

• Intelligent forwarded metering under current reversal

• Front cover open detection

• Logging of demand, history data and multi- parameter load survey

• Hardware lock for energy register reset

• Magnetic tamper event logging with date & time-stamping and deterrence features

• Field replaceable battery along with Super cap

• Compartment logging of tamper events

• Mid night energy snap-shot

• Two configurable pulse outputs

• RS232 (RJ 45) port for remote communication

• A range of sealing options (including Gluing, Anti- tamper screws, conductive seals) are available



  • Reliable and flexible in use
  • Protects against tamper attempts
  • Corrects losses caused by 'running the meter in reverse' or bypassing of phase or neutral connection