Three Phase WC (Prodigy)

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008
  • Applications:
  • Distrubtion trasnfomer (DT) meter
  • Energy audit and system analysis
  • Low-voltage high-current commercial metering


Prodigy is a genuine innovation in the field of three-phase LVCT-operated meter. It is an integrated meter with built-in current transformers, eliminating the need for external CTs and accessories. Prodigy is based on the unique concept of thread- through connections, which helps maintain overall system accuracy and revenue integrity.


• Better overall system accuracy than a traditional meter and associated CTS

• Easier to install than traditional DT metering

• Reduced cost for equipment, installation and maintenance by eliminating the need for external CTS, meter enclosure and accessories

• Increased reliability and tamper resistance compared with traditional installations

• Easy diagnosis of installation faults via a complete set of instantaneous electrical parameters



• True four-quadrant metering

• Programmable time-of-use (TOU) tariffs and maximum demands (MD)

• Thread-through arrangement: field cable passes directly through the meter

• Large backlit LCD with phase indicators and parameter identification

• Display scroll lock for continuous display of desired parameters

• Logging of billing data and multi-parameter load survey

• Special load-profiling and event-logging for energy auditing

• Optional inductively-coupled external power pack for meter reading in the absence of mains supply