Single phase (EIS-NCM)

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008
  • Application:
  • • Domestic billing
  • • Small commercial premises

Product Description

Eis NCM single phase static electricity meter is designed for measurement of electric energy flowing in one or two directions in households and commercial customers in single-phase 2-wire networks. It complies with the IEC for class 1 and is manufactured in compliance with the MS ISO 9001 and MS ISO/IEC 17025 standard. It has wide range of anti-tamper features that can protect revenue of electric utility.

  • Features

    • Provides evidence of current and voltage circuit tampers

    • Front cover open detection

    • Logging of demand, history data and multiparameter load survey

    • Hardware lock for energy register reset

    • Tamper event logging with date & timestamping and deterrence features

    • Field replaceable battery along with Super cap

    • Pulse outputs for verification

    • Optical port communication

    • TOU with up to 8 tariff support

  • Benefits

    • Compact and accurate

    • Protects against temper attempts

    • Large display

    • Outdoor meter

    • Load profile and event recording

    • Configurable tariff


  • The release of Letraset sheets containing
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  • Release of Letraset sheets containing
  • Publishing software like Aldus