Single Phase (SARAL)

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008
  • Highlights:
  • • Meter reading in absence of mains
  • • Logs energy even when connected using a single wire
  • • Load profile recording
  • • Registers historic billing data
  • • Records power factor
  • • Integrated base and cover
  • • Current and temperature profile to help analyse loose connections, attempts to burn

Product Description

Saral is compact single phase direct connected 'intelligent credit' meter for domestic, small commercial metering applications including net metering. Its enhanced revenue protection features coupled with inter-operable communication protocol makes it an ideal choice for distribution companies. The meter offers an accurate and reliable metering solution for measurement of electrical energy in a single phase 2-wire network and ensures revenue assurance.


Saral sets a benchmark for metrology in its class and exhibits stable metrological characteristics in diverse field conditions.

  • End to end data security

    • Security against manipulating meter data

    • Authenticated billing and metering data with time stamp

  • Cost of ownership

    • Robust power supply designed to withstand harsh electrical and environmental conditions

    • Designed to serve a long life in the field

    • Meter is sealed for life

    • Burden is low

  • Revenue protection

    • Advanced anti-tamper capability - prevention, detection and deterrence

    • Ensures revenue protection - even in case of wrong connections such as reversal, interchange of earth and neutral, partial earthing

    •Immune to abnormal magnetic interference and electric discharge

    •Extensive forensic information for detection and analysis of tamper

  • Simplicity

    • Smallest footprint in its class

    • Compact and light weight

    • User friendly display

    • Intuitive display actuator without an opening

  • Benefits

    • Advanced anti tamper capabilities - prevention, detection and deterrence

    • Quality of supply information

    • Peak and off-peak tariff management

    • Stringent ingress protection/ outdoor

    • Low cost of ownership