Sprint 210

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008
  • Applications :
  • • Domestic three phase metering
  • • Small to medium commercial premises
  • • AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) and non AMI
  • • Suitable for co-generation metering applications

Product Description

The Sprint 210 three phase meter provides communications flexibility using a modular design and DLMS/COSEM to readily accommodate the latest communication technologies. The communication module can be factory installed or field installed/replaceable. This allows for greater flexibility by utilising best of breed technologies and future proofing your investment. Sprint 210 paves the way for easy and convenient data transfer from the meter to the utility’s back office and is the perfect solution for AMI applications. Provision for a range of communication technologies including Mesh Radio, GPRS/3G devices, among others, ensures the Sprint 210 will meet your current and future needs.


• Modular comms with easy integration with AMI system

• Reduced onsite call times and cost

• Assists consumers to manage energy consumption

• Front mounted communications module for easy access

• Multiple configurations (up to 16) can be pre-loaded in the meter and executed in the field

Options and Accessories

• Multiple factory build options including:

1. Integrated Mains Supply Contactor

2. Auxiliary load control terminals - various

3. Customer Supply Monitoring

4. Various Terminal Cover sizes

5. Comms Devices: Factory built-in (AMI) or without (AMI Ready)


1. M-Cubed software suite including FlexTend - meter configuration tool

• In-Home Display - Zigbee compliant (See IHD Range)

• GPRS or 3G Modem

• Optical Communications Probe



• Four quadrant metering

• Class 1.0 accuracy

• Integrated Mains supply contactor (AMI Ready) andauxiliary load terminals (Build Options)

• Remote and local arm, connect and disconnect capability

• Support for AMI features: TOU based switching, Boost,Supply capacity control, Remote firmware upgrades

• Large capacity power supply to support high communications demands

• Modular Communications front belly design with support for a range of communication devices

• ANSI or IEC Optical Port

• Bidirectional: Import (consumed) and Export (generated)

• 16 main energy channels and 8 time-based registers

• Logging and remote notification (alarm) of events

• QoS (Quality of Supply) monitoring

• User friendly tariff configurability features

• User friendly Liquid Crystal Display

• Provision for tamper detection

• Interval data(Load Profile) storage for up to 4680 days including power load profile.

• Configurable survey integration and maximum demandperiods


• Open protocols supported, including DLMS COSEM

• Smart Metering Infrastructure (NSMP) compliant,Australia (Build option)