Narrowband (NB-IOT) Cellular Module

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008
  • Applications :
  • EGPRS/4G-Nb-IOT based remote meter reading (RMR) systems
  •  Outstation modem, connected at the meter end
  •  HV or LV metering installations

Product Description

E4G100 is a modem for data transfer between an electronic energy meter and a central station over the EGPRS/4G-Nb- IOT communications network. Working in conjunction with base.


 Integration to most of meter brand in market

 Easy installation under the meter's terminal cover

 No need for external power supply input

 Tamper-resistant installation under utility sealed cover



 Meter-powered EGPRS/4G-Nb-IOT modem

 Meter connectivity through serial RS-232 communication port

 Status LEDs

 SIM card provision

 Engineering plastic enclosure

 Compact size: fits under the meters terminal cover