Certified Company ISO 9001-2008
  • Applications :
  • • Domestic single phase metering
  • • Small commercial premises
  • • AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) and non AMI
  • • Suitable for co-generation metering applications

Product Description

The i-Credit 510 single phase meter provides communications SE-IHD flexibility using a modular design and DLMS/COSEM to readily accommodate the latest communication technologies. The communication module can be factory installed or field installed/replaceable. This allows for greater flexibility by utilising best of breed technologies and future proofing your investment. i-Credit 510 paves the way for easy and convenient data transfer from the meter to the utility’s back office and is the perfect solution for AMI applications. Provision for a range of communication technologies including Mesh Radio, GPRS/3G devices, among others, ensures the i-Credit 510 will meet your current and future needs.


• Modular comms for easy integration with AMI system

• Reduced onsite call times and cost

• Assists consumers to manage energy consumption

• Front mounted communications module for easy access

• Multiple configurations (up to 16) can be pre-loaded in the meter and executed in the field

Options and Accessories

• Multiple factory build options including:

1. Integrated Mains Supply Contactor

2. Auxiliary load control terminals - various

3. Customer Supply Monitoring

4. Various Terminal Cover sizes

5. Comms Devices: Factory built-in (AMI) or without (AMI Ready)


1. M-Cubed software suite including FlexTend - meter configuration tool

• In-Home Display - Zigbee compliant (See IHD Range)

• GPRS or 3G Modem

• Optical Communications Probe



• Four quadrant metering

• Class 1.0 accuracy

• Integrated Mains supply contactor (AMI Ready) andauxiliary load terminals (Build Options)

• Remote and local arm, connect and disconnect capability

• Support for AMI features: TOU based switching, Boost,Supply capacity control, Remote firmware upgrades

• Large capacity power supply to support high communications demands

• Modular Communications front belly design with support for a range of communication devices

• ANSI or IEC Optical Port

• Bidirectional: Import (consumed) and Export (generated)

• 16 main energy channels and 8 time-based registers

• Logging and remote notification (alarm) of events

• QoS (Quality of Supply) monitoring

• User friendly tariff configurability features

• User friendly Liquid Crystal Display

• Provision for tamper detection

• Interval data(Load Profile) storage for up to 4680 days including power load profile.

• Configurable survey integration and maximum demandperiods


• Open protocols supported, including DLMS COSEM

• Smart Metering Infrastructure (NSMP) compliant,Australia (Build option)