Our Company

KMSB is a manufacturer of electronic single and three phase energy and smart meter. As no 1 meter supplier in Malaysia, we were supplied more than 3.4 millions meters already to TNB ( Malaysia Utility). We also export our product to India, Singapore and Iraq. KMSB also do contract manufacturing of any electronic product and provide site servicing of any electronic meter.

KMSB keeps abreast to TNB requirement by closely following the development requirement in term of technology, specification, reliability and user friendliness of all related products.


KMSB is committed to manufacture, calibrate and test electricity meters that meet customer's demands and the required standard through continuous improvement.
KMSB will strive to be successful and recognized as an established laboratory for the supply of electricity meters, instrumentation and services rendered to the customers.
Working since 1996

4-Star rated company
by SME Corp